A wilderness experience in the nature of Mourrejaur

We pick you up at your hotel and provide warm clothes so you can enjoy the experience. Then you are first transported by car and then in snowmobile. We travel by snowmobile for about 20 minutes through forests, marshes and lakes before reaching our camp.



Take the chance to meet the Arctic nature in its original form, an experience that for a short while takes you to the everyday reality of our ancestors. This place is located by a lake surrounded by mountains on three sides excluding both sound and lights from cars and society. This is an opportunity for those who always are connected, to either different devices or in mind, to experience the nature in its original form. To surrender to the stillness and what the Arctic wilderness has to offer and let yourself be transformed.

Of course, in orderly forms and with today's conveniences within easy reach.


When we get to our camp the first thing you will meet is the warmth of the blazing fire and the tranquil surroundings. Here you will learn how to make a fire and cook your own lunch consisting of locally produced food over open fire.