R & M


We started this company because of the joy and harmony we experience when we foresters spend time in nature where, above all, the silence gives a powerful impression and emphasizes one's own thoughts.

We want to convey that feeling of well-being to those people who today have an increasingly stressed life where connectivity and availability are a part of everyday life, and time for reflection shrinks.

Lying under the starry sky on a winter night is an experience that affects everyone.

The people behind the company are Robert Grimm and Mikael Wikström.

We have a long background in forest life, where we both began our career as foresters in the forestry agency then called “Domänverket”. Having a solid interest in nature, no matter what season or weather, we enjoy spending most of our time outdoors.

Our main goal is to let people experience something that most lack, an absolute silence and nightly stay outdoors without any artificial interference. Those who have not tried this will have an experience unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

Robert Grimm & Mikael Wikström
Grundare & Eventansvariga